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Top 5 List of Best Manual Razor for Men India 2020

Top 5 best manual razor for men is the swag today. I will help you decide on the dilemma you may have about manual razors.

Or better, help you select one if you have no choice in place.

We have selected the best manual razor for men based on personal; use by the author and counterparts. Not a sponsored one but self-use from amazon.

The author’s favorite is Dexter. Well, you do not have to take it for the word but the author is quite on the Israeli side and loves products from them.

UPDATE: Get the Gillette Set for the best Experience. If you do not want to extend the budget, the Mach3 is the best choice for you. It has the best combination of experience and budget. Buy on Amazon

If you Are looking to Select the Best Manual Razor Which Gillette Has to offer look at the below table and you will have your answer.

Else If you want o know the best manual Razors option available online, then keep on reading. Do refer to the table of Content for easy and better navigation finding your gun πŸ˜‰

Thus he may suggest that. We get into all the features and preferences on which a manual razor is selected

This war of razors is based on certain factors that are the base requirement for all.

We also try to balance the price to performance ratio based on these factors as performance.


Razor is nothing more but a simple function to remove facial hair. But now we are in an era of style, care, and precautions. 

Due to climatic conditions and food, we eat everything that is changing or evolving.

Every part of our body is generating some or other problems.

So in the case of the best manual razor for men, even men cannot be pardoned. 

A video Worthy even Today

My Experience

I had developed a sore skin just below my chin and the hair there was of very fragile quality and the outcome of aftershave was a feel like rigid skin and irritation. 

Doctors said to try doing the shave at home. But no relief.

I started with a twin blade no relief. Then I moved onto another premium razor then which ad 3 blades and it worked quite well.

Here are the Top 3 best Choices of Razors for Men

Select one if you are impatient

If you need simple analysis or want to read more go from here or use the list for best manual razors for men mentioned above

How we conclude the list

Finest save

Here we mean, when we shave for the first time does all the hair gets dismissed?

This is the thing which depends on how well you use your razor.

Although most of the razors suggested here do the job quite well, in the first go but the harshness of the beard and hair growth needs to be considered.

Suggestion: Get more blades razor if you have harsh hair. Like thorns.


Tugging is not able to glide the razor from the face in most of the instances. 

This is similar to pulling. But in pulling you can glide with some force. 

But here you have to lift the razor and then again start. 

This is again due to improper cream or with blunt blades. 

The greater chance of this is in the blunt blade and faster strokes of shaves πŸ˜‰

Suggestion: Good cream or wait for the cream to settle.


Pulling you how it feels. No need to mention what it brings with it.

This is mostly occurred by dry face, hair or bad blades. We have observed when a blade as fewer gaps or when a shave is done with long intervals the gap between twin blades(4-5 blades) is filed with huge hair.

Thus causes the pulling. It is not directly related to drying rough hair or dampen blade edges.

But yes these do play a role.

Suggestion: A proper shaving scheduled based on your facial hair growth average of 3-day shave rule works best with twin blades.

If you ave a problem with excessive hair growth or you don’t like to shave that often then normal 2 sided blade razor from the old is gold collection is the best option for you.

Gentle on skin

Yes, we all love this.

Gillette was the only one who came up with the idea of gel-based tips on their twin blades. 

But they are on the very expensive side.

Thus a simple razor that has multiple blades will you the same near experience at ΒΌ of the cost.

Based on the above here is the list for best manual razors for men.

 #1 of the Dexter V6 Manual Razor for men Best Manual Razor for Men 

4+ Star Rated 16 Ratings Made in IsraelNA

Offers a mid-range between premium and best performance of razors

Personally, I liked the carbon finish and the storing simplicity it offers.

Turn OnsTurn Offs
Easy rinse 
No Clog
3 safety guards
Very lightweight & handy
No Axis rotation

  From the Manufacturer:

  • Finest Shaves – The Dexter V6 is specially designed with FlexBlade TechnologyTM, designed for maximum contact with your skin while shaving.
  • Don’t Stop – No clog, easy rinse technology that provides more strokes with less rinsing.
  • Gentle On Your Skin – Embedded safety guards with anti-friction gliding strips provide a close shave that is gentle on your skin.
  • No Tugging and No Pulling – Specially designed spacing between the blades eliminates any tugging or pulling on your facial hair.
  • Great Mornings – Enjoy the feeling of being unstoppable with the Dexter V6.
Also Available: 
Blades available in 4 pack at a reasonable price on Amazon India

 #2 The Spruce Shave Club Streak 6 Pivot -6 Blade – Best Manual Razor for Men 

4.5 Star Rated 211 Ratings Made in Germany13 Answered

Why here? 

  • Because the pivoting technique makes it unique to use it on any part of the body.
  • The 6 blades shall certainly provide the best saving experience and close shave in the 1st attempt.
Turn OnsTurn Offs
Easy rinse 
No Clog
3 safety guards
Very lightweight & handy
Reasonably Expensive

Get the combination of premium and Price

From the Manufacturer:

  • Guaranteed smooth shave with 6 blades
  • Each shaving cartridge also has an additional trimmer blade at the back for easy styling and hard to reach areas. 
  • Overall, this shaving razor is one of the most advanced razors in the market designed to help you elevate your shaving experience

MULTI – AXIS PIVOT TECHNOLOGY Our latest shaving razor, the Streak6 Pivot is equipped with our newest Multi-Axis Pivot technology which allows the blade to pivot not only from top to bottom but also left to right so as to increase flexibility and blade coverage. 

This ensures that the shaving razor can easily glide over all the contours of your skin and get virtually every hair.

About Blades 

  • Diamond & Titanium coating that increases blade sharpness and blade life. I.C.E (Ionic Carbon Edge) 
  • The diamond coating increases the sharpness
  • Delivers a closer shave
  • Titanium coating increases the blade. 
  • Each cartridge is long-lasting.

Another best manual razor for men in addition in 5 blades

Also Available 
Spruce Shave Club 5X Shaving Razor For Men in 5 blades and at a reasonable rate on Amazon

#3 Ustraa Gear 5 Shaving Razor Best Manual Razor for Men

4+ Star Rated184 RatingsMade in USA (Blades)22 Answered

Ustra is a brand I tried during the phenomena of a bearded look.

Their oil was not that good but the wash and the softner were quite decent.

Best in its class. A perfect performance to price point deal for everyone or you if you are in a dilemma.

Turn On:

Turn OnsTurn Offs
Trendy design 
Rubber finish handle
5 Blades closer shave
Less Expensive than Gillette
Shea Butter Lubricate
Aloe Vera Lubricate
Blades may be expensive

From the Manufacturer:

  • Close Shave: Double coated blade edge gives you a close comfortable shave.
  • Easier to clean: We’ve got just three words for you – “Anti. Clog. Cartridge”.
  • Less Irritation, More Vitamin E Large lubrication strips with Shea Butter & Aloe Vera for reduced irritation and razor burns. Perfect for sensitive skin.
  • Contoured Rubber Handle: Ergonomic design that offers just the right balance, control & stability. Getting a grip, has never been this easy.
  • Precision trimmer blade: Gives you the perfect tool for shaving goatee, sideburns and that stubborn hair under the nose
Also available:
Pack of 4 Resoanable blade kit available here

#4 Zlade 6 Pro Shaving Razor Combo of the Best Manual Razor for Men 

4+ Star Rated68 RatingsMade in Germany22 Answered

If you are the one who needs a combo offer with a great price to performance ratio then this one is for you. 

Turn OnsTurn Offs
Supports 4 Blades and 6 Blades
Diamond-coated blades 
Rubberized metal handle
Suggested Reading
Top 5 Best List of Budget shaving Foams India

From the Manufacturer:

  • Each Imported Zlade 6 Cartridge is equipped with 6+1 Titanium.
  • Diamond-coated blades made in Germany.
  • The patented ICE (Ionic Carbon Edge) Diamond
  • Zlade Pro comes with a rubberized metal handle
  • Ergonomically designed to give you the perfect grip and minimize shaving effort.
  • All Zlade Razors come with a Common Docking System, The Zlade 6 Pro handle fits both Zlade 4 and Zlade 6 refill Cartridges, so you do not have to purchase a new Razor if you wish to try our other cartridges

For the fan boyz. (Yes even Iw as one )

#5 Gillette Flexball Fusion Pro Glide Razor of Best Manual Razor for Men 

4.5+ Star Rated974 RatingsMade in Germany111 Answered

Finally, if you are a Gillette fan then this is the one I liked the then Mach 3. 

An aeronautical design as the advertisement for Mach 3 was made way back in the 2000s.

There is no debate on the selection of Gillette razor as it speaks the years it has been with us. 

But we have created a list based on best manual razors for men at a budget option. 

Also not forgetting the quality and the premium things the new and evolving brands may have to offer.

Thus Changing a taste in everything is a good option.

Also unlike women, we have too little to fancy about.

So lets the gear it boys.

If I was to select the best manual razor for men form this list of 2020 and if the price was not a concern, then Spruce is the one I would have gone for.

Turn OnsTurn Offs
Everything Nothing (Pricey)

From the Manufacturer:

  • The Fusion Proglide flaunts Gillette’s Thinnest Blades with an advanced low resistance coating for an effortless glide cutting through hair easily
  • FlexBall Technology delivers a close shave with fewer missed hairs (vs. Fusion in a single stroke over the contours)
  • Blade Stabilizer to help maintain blade shape and optimal razor blade spacing for comfort
  • Enables blades to pivot front to back and side to side to respond to contours of the face providing the best shave
  • Reformulated Lubrastrip Infused with mineral oil and lubricating polymers that allow the razor to move smoothly over skin, even on repeat strokes. Fades to indicate you may no longer get an optimum shave
  • Redesigned precision trimmer with improved blades, long-hair trimmer comb and rinse through slots
Personal tips for buying the best manual Razor for you,
  • Fix on a budget
  • More blades = great comfort and feel
  • Too many blades make it expensive
  • Ergonomic handles do make a difference in handling and shaving.
  • If the budget with blade and razor is reaching the price of a Gillette then go for Gillette.
  • Keep in mind the blades even cost more in Gillette.

For one of the best manual razors for men

I selected the razor on the qualities of storage and no. of blades through which it will be a great combination of every 3-day kit. 

Also, the price point is quite the norm for me. I cannot spend even if its only one time, a 1-2k on the razor thus Gillette was not the preference. 

Else Gelette would have been on my list for all the good the brand has to offer. 

Fun Fact:

Till the time I was living with my dad, Gillette was the only choice I had πŸ˜‰ But now I have moved to a reasonable choice and a price point offering something similar to Gillette.

Barbae wikipedia link
General Problems
Hepatitus B instance on Gov

So get one of the razors from this list of best manual razors for men edition and show your support.

My Purchase of best manual razor for men

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