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Best Mosquito Repellent Liquid

We all know how bad the mosquitoes are and what they can do to you in your daily life.

Coming to the selection in Best Mosquito Repellent Liquid we have made sure to get something which will make the home comparatively clean and safe.

With budget and affordability in mind.

We as user and I myself, do use these products on a daily basis. And it would be great to get some birds eye view for you to come to a decision. No matter how much you take care but mosquitoes are a daily part of our lives.

Let’s try to eliminate them to a good extent

These are the Best Mosquito Repellent Liquid based on use and environment. But make sure you know your house and environment better.

Neither I nor the company can make sure you get the Best Mosquito Repellent Liquid.

Because we are not staying where you are.

Some times you may need coils as well as liquidators. If you have lots of mushy area at the backside of the buildings. Like construction work is going on. Keep in mind all these factors.

Best Selling Mosquito Repellent Liquid does not fits all needs. You may need to complement it with something else as well.

If you are in no mood of reading through the entire list we have created a table based information for your convenience. It you want a direct best Mosquito Repellent Liquid recommendation then go for the below one.

The reason for recommendation is high quality. Budget Branding value. Trust since last 30 years.

Table Of Contents

Best Trusted Brand With Peformance

  • Kills Dengue / Malaria 
  • 30% faster with All Our machines
  • Real Value Pack

It has a whooping 3000+ Positive 4+ star reviews and 70+ Questions answered. Nothing should go wrong with this Mosquito Repellent Liquid. As the number speaks for themselves.

Even Then if you are want something to rely and trust on.

The best feature this one has is the fans based throttle system. (it Works with ‘all out’ machine only). It gets into say a beast mode at nights and with efficiency performs a great mosquito free environment.

Ity is backed by a all time great brand SC Johnson, institute.

Thus not much of analysis and on this.

IF still you want to move ahead with other checks Follow the Index given below with categorized naming.

Top 5 List Best Mosquito Repellent Liquid

#1 Best Mortien Vaporizer Repellent Liquid Refill

Best Budget and Brand Value

  • Kills Dengue Mosquitoes Cholesterol
  • Fits All Machine
  • 6 Refills Value pack

Selecting for the sole purpose of brand value and value for money.

They have mentioned officially that it is capable of killing dengue mosquitoes. Makes it a great choice here.

Comes at a real budget and value proposition. Although the discount is a bit tricky. Like you get 2 free at 50 percent less cost approximately(Not Actually Free). Then too it is the Best Mosquito Repellent Liquid refill right now.

All the above claims have been backed up by we as users and great feedback and rating. Rated by close to 400 people and 27 questions answered as well. Sold by the brand themselves.

The technology behind is the 2x TFT which states; “Knocks down mosquitoes 2x faster**” with double power.

**knockdown rate in the first 5 minutes of product exposure as compared to ordinary refills with 0.88% TFT (Officially Mentioned )

Need 5 minutes activation and also their own liquidator machine comes with dual mode similar to goodnight.

Suitable for:

  • Bachelors
  • Singles
  • Clean Surroundings

Not Suitable For: (Approximation)

  • Babies
  • Huge spaces
  • Mushy Areas
  • 6 Packs
  • Budget Value
  • Fits All
  • Best Offer
Not Liked
  • Discount Tricky
  • Machine Could have been Free

Mortein Liquid Vaporizer Refill Best Budget Liquidator India

Nerdy Staff

Brand Value
Bulk Purchase

Best Budget Value Liquidator refill Pack for entire home.

This is the best choice if you have ever been in dilemma of selecting the budget option for Best Mosquito Repellent Liquid. (Personally Used)



#2 Best Good Knight Power Activ+ Mosquito Repellent 

Greatest Combination of Brand and Budget with Premium Value

  • 33% Longer Use
  • 50% Active Molecules(Powerful)
  • Children Safe Specified
  • Dengue | Chikungunya

Simple, the name goodnight speaks for itself. This has been the great brand of all times since most of our and everyone’s childhood.

Well that is not the only point of getting this on the list. But the quality has always been improving for this brand and for products products as well. No matter what others have come up with . GodNight have always kept the promise of good product and value.

Good night Mosquito Repellent liquidator refill may be expensive compared to others. But not that expensive. For the quality it provides the small amount of value is acceptable for premium quality.

This has been made and marketed by Godrej the premium brand in most of the consumable or durable India has been using i their homes since the early 80’s.

Also this Good night Liquidator refill has been backed up by the

1450+ ratings and 34 Answered questions.

Also this is the only regular Best Mosquito Repellent liquidator refill which states the child safety on tte page itself. I have not seen any regular Mosquito Repellent liquidator refill stating the same on their official page.

Suitable for:

  • Bachelors
  • Singles
  • Family
  • Kids
  • Better Performance Per ML
  • Dengue & Chikungunya Protection
  • Good Offer
  • Children Ready
Not Liked
  • A bit Expensive Compared to others.

Good Knight Power Activ+ Best Good Night Liquidator Repellent Refill

Nerdy Staff

Brand Value
Bulk Purchase

Summary Good Night Best Liquidator Repellent Refill Liquid

If you have family at home with kids around then this is the best choice if you can go ahead for a bit expensive Refill liquidator compared to anything else.(Personally Used)


For Ayurvedic And HerbalNatural Mosquito Repellent Liquid

#3 Best Liquid Repellent Refill – Best Luquid VAPOURISER  Technology

Best Luquid VAPOURISER Refill

Addition of this is for the best technology of vaporizing the liquid.

Second Best, the only reason to get this on the list is the best Best 30 mins vapor based dispersion every 4 hours. This is handled automatically and should result in saving of the liquid refill too.(Works with Goodnight recommended machine).

In Normal modes and in other budget liquidators refills, the liquid is used consistently at the same pace. But in this machine it get on to the high frequency mode for better utilization and effect of vapors.

With 126 positive rating it is the best option in Refill Liquid VAPORIZER.

Ratings sometimes vary as the mosquitoes rates keep on varying depending on the area you live in. For me it has worked like charms. Make sure you close the doors in the evening around 4 so that you may have less mosquito incoming.

It is again a children safe ready Refill Liquid VAPORIZER refill available online. No one has mentioned it exclusively.

In this gold flash the liquid works normally and gives vapor bursts for 30 mins every four hours. For this to work correctly and efficient a good night gold flash compatible liquidator machine is recommended.

This is a real and good recommendation to get the most from their technology. Else there is not need in buying this expensive refill liquidator even if it is tagged as best.

Suitable for:

  • Best for Children
  • Children, Single Bachelors
  • Everyone
  • Vaporizer Technology
  • Timer based Vapors
  • Best VAPOURISER  Technology
Not Liked
  • Expensive (No Competition)

Good knight Gold Flash – Mosquito Repellent Refill Liquid VAPORIZER 

Nerdy Staff

Brand Value
Bulk Purchase

Summary – Good Night Refill Liquid VAPOURISER Gold Flash

If you want something to work efficiently and with great results then this is worth trying. If you have not used any expensive liquidator, you can start with this. Result oriented for sure.(Personally Used)


For Ayurvedic And HerbalNatural Mosquito Repellent Liquid

#4 Best Natural Ayurvedic Catche Formulation Insta Mosquito Repellent

Best Natural Liquid Mosquito Repellent

  • Woman Children Special
  • No TRANSFLUTHRIN (No Chemical)
  • Fits All

if you are looking for something really safe, sound and natural in Mosquito Repellent Liquid Refill. Then this is the right choice for you.

Close to 400 rating all the feedback has been positive in all the terms from closed room to all other things like health and suitability.

Reviews have been positive for them. Some may be negative. Because not all are good with organic and natural things. Some may not like the smell others may not like the odor it may possibly have. Not necessarily bad though.

We may be; so use to the other mosquito repellents, that we are not able to adjust our self with this competitively healthy natural Mosquito repellent.

This is the only liquid mosquito repellent which has mentioned safety in relation to “Safe for Children & Pregnant Women”.

It contains No TRANSFLUTHRIN a composition in most of the mosquito refills

Only Lacks in brand Value

Suitable for:

  • Best for Children
  • Pregnant Women
  • Everyone
  • Can be used with Doors Closed. No harm
  • No Suffocation
Not Liked
  • None

Natural Ayurvedic Catche Liquid Mosquito Repellent

Nerdy Staff

Brand Value
Bulk Purchase

Summary Best Natural Liquid Mosquito Repellent

If you want to check the Natural Mosquito repellent. Then start with this. There are many other available. But this is comparatively a Good Choice Natural Liquid Mosquito Repellent


#5 Best New DND Mosquito Refill Repellent Liquid Vaporiser

Latest Refill Repellent Liquid Vaporiser

  • Fits All Machines
  • Prevents Malaria & Dengue
  • Made in India

This is made to the list as this is the competitively the new comer in the Liquid Mosquito Repellent refill game.

Although has got many rating and to be on the list; most of them are positive.

But if checked closely for negative one’s we found all of them are quite unrealistic.

People expecting the performance of expensive refills or vaporizers with this budget yet powerful Liquid Mosquito Repellent.

For this reason we all analyse the reviews by reading the m amnually.

This is again a liquid mosquito Vaporizer like the Goodnight Gold Flash. Gold flash has been used widely and is the best brands value production.

DND has also made sure to use less amount of Transfluthrin for home use. But with suggestion of keeping the doors and windows open. All liquidators do suffocate. they have requested to keep the airways open.

The only problem with them is no mention of children safe and other safety based on household or nature of the family mentioned any where.

Suitable for:

  • Bachelors and singles
  • Fits All Machines
  • Prevents Malaria & Dengue
Not Liked
  • No Children Suitability
  • No family Suitability

DND Mosquito Refill Repellent Liquid Vaporiser Mosquito Killer

Nerdy Staff

Brand Value
Bulk Purchase

Summary DND Mosquito Refill Repellent Liquid

If you want to try something on a Budget side. Then this will be a good option to start with. I would not suggest this personally for Family with kids as I have not used it myself. First use for your room then may be shifted to children room.


How to select the Best Mosquito Repellent Liquid

All the below pointers are mentioned based on personal and staff based experience and life experience. There is not medical expert or information included.

Basics When buying Best Mosquito Repellent Liquid

  • All of them are offered in 6 packs
  • Or 4 Packs with Free Machine
  • Normally they fit all the machines
  • Latest ones with vaporizer may not.
  • Herbal one’s are the better options. But are expensive

Mortien mentioned above has the best offer going on at the time of writing of this article..


If you stay at a place where lot of heat is generated by other companies or industrial areas then you will have high mosquito rate.

Even if you stay in society and and you have dirty and regard around the backs of the building then you may need multiple method of mosquito repelling.

Or a Stronger Best Mosquito Repellent Liquid which may be good night in this case.

Sometimes I have been to places where mosquito repellent is used 24×7 because as soon as you shut it off mosquitoes start to revolve around you.


If you have a baby at home then getting a herbal mosquito liquid might be a great option.

Please make sure you get one and test it on a daily basis in the baby room. Whether he/she gets any rashes or coughing.

So you will come to know which is the best mosquito repellent for your baby. Do not buy in bulk.

Get One liquid and test it for a single day and check if your baby has any rashes or any kind of uncertainty. If not, then you have got the best mosquito refill for your baby.

Consider Family while getting a mosquito repellent

When it comes to our family we want the best of best. Same goes for health as well.

While buying consider all members of the family. Because some may be allergic to any new gas or vapors in the air.

And these repellents do have intense fragrance. Some may be prone to headaches or nausea. Considering this always use the repellent with someone easily adjustable then transfer them to other rooms. Else the irritation may give you cough and headaches.

Consider Old People

Old people do have low immunity and all these repellents tend to test their systems. So when they complain do pay attention to them. And consider switching to a natural or herbal remedy for Healthier Mosquito Repellent Liquid.

Consider Pregnancy – While Buying Mosquito Liquid refill

The most beautiful time of life should be considered more beautifully. So while checking to buy repellent while pregnancy consider always getting the natural or the herbal editions. If not then I would personally say do not use them at all if possible.

And If yes replace them with fresh air walks every now and then.

Consider babies – Before buying Mosquito Vaporizer

Babies cannot speak for themselves. In terms of safety do check that you are not suppressing their physical indications and crying. Or misunderstanding their crying for something else. It maybe irritations and suffocation due to luquidators.

Consider Kids

Kids are some one in the age ground of 3-9. So when they are growing most of the allergies vanish and new ones enter or they become completely immune. So considering this fact always make sure if they are getting cold every now and then you Best Mosquito Repellent Liquid may be the reason. Try switching to another Best Mosquito Repellent Liquid

Consider Children

Children are consider from 10 to 13 years. After that they are intelligent enough to ask you or even instruct you for the efficient and information they want. So do consider all these things.

Make sure they are not falling sick every now and then. If yes try changing or without mosquito repellent.