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Top 5 Best hand Sanitizers Selected Home Sanitation During Corona Covid 19

It’s hard for all but not hardest for all. We discuss today the Top 5 best hand and Home sanitization products.

It is better to be safe than sorry. So Instead of feeling sorry we can spend good amount on medical and home sanitization. Rather than let the happening of the bad.

We all are there and seen the devastating effects of Covid-19.
The only thing we can do right now is get the best of whatever is available and stay safe.
If we keep fretting about how things are? and when will this be done. Then we are mistaken.

  • As of now we need to take care of ourselves first.
  • Sanitization is something we cannot ignore this day.

Although health is the essence of life, but we seldom take care of it in India.
We should not miss this at least for the next year or so. Before this pandemic gets to an end.

✨Top 5 Best Hand Sanitizers for Home

Personal, Home And Multi Member home use.

Essentially important in all aspects. Whether you are in office or even at home. Offices use them in dispensers which are essential as it is used by many.

To remove the possibility of infection spreading that is necessary. Not only in this time but always. So, in today’s covid scenario the best possible way to take care (Home And Self Sanitize) is minimize the contact and maximize the safety.

With simple rules, whether it be washing hands before everything you do. Washing vegetables. And basically keeping clean.

It feels we have been entering into a moral science class of standard 6. 🙂

#1 ✨Best Budget Hand Sanitizer Personal Use

Chex Hand Sanitizer 70% Alcohol, 4x100ml, Ultra Broad Spectrum Germ Kill TK

I have personally checked the review. It is a genuine one. Also, the best available product for individual use. Comes in clear view, non-sticky and like all sanitizers does offer good germ protection.

If you are really particular about the brand, then we have other choices for you.

Aloe Vera, Pocket friendly bottle and no sharing needed. No possibility of any passing of infection as no sharing of bottle.

Get these if you are a bachelor or are in the red zone.

Also, when receiving the product get gloves and open one bottle and wipe entire package with the sanitizer or other sanitizer you may have.

Next on the

#2 – Best Brand and Budget Hand Sanitizer

Top 5 List of hand & Home Sanitizers we have is

Dettol Original Germ Protection And Lifebuoy Alcohol Budget Spray

This s the most trusted of all the sanitizer, as kids of 90’s we have seen the advertisement of man wiping his hair with white towel coming out of the bathroom.

  • Comes in 500 ml
  • 900ml Or Pack of 2
  • Indian Medical Association (IMA) certified.

There is some shortage of hand sanitizers. Please check. Hand wash are also an important part of the home and sanitization.

If more kids are present, it is better to get hand wash in bulk and ask them to wash hand regularly.

Best within the same range we have one the oldest brand of soaps which’s come up with the sanitizer in recent years.

Lifebuoy Alcohol Based Germ Protection Hand Sanitizer

Good fragrance.
Convenient easy to carry pack that helps protect you when out of home

Lifebuoy Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer has over 60% alcohol content and gives you instant germ protection

Both Dettol and lifebuoy have been competitors since a long time.
It does not matter which brand you buy. But yes, they are best working with less bad track in history, if at all.

Enjoy the Dettol Nostalgia with this old Dettol advertisement.

If you are looking for a bulk purchase and if you think you may require a lot of sanitizer given the family members. Then you can go for Palmolive. Offer

Palmolive Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer – Combination of Budget and Brand with bulk use

  • Alcohol Based Formula. Its 72% alcohol based formula helps protect you and your family from illness causing germs and infections
  • Cares for your hands. The non-sticky, gel based formula is safe for your hands, and leaves them feeling soft and pampered. The citrus fragrance keeps your hands feeling refreshed
  • They have been too, the best in their class of cleanliness. And great at selling beautiful fragrance soaps with positive rating.

This is the best choice if you have many member and need a combination brand and god background, then this is for you.

So next in top 5 best hand sanitizers we have,

#4 – Respectable Brand Hand Sanitizer Only for Bulk use

Trycone Rub-in Disinfectant Instant Hand Sanitizer

This is only valid if you are living a joint family and really have kids keeping the place busy.

This is the best and budget option to buy one of the top 5 hand sanitizers.

Available hand sanitizer in multiple option. But for family members best got for the highest possible content.

  • “SteriPax” contains Pharma Grade ~80% Alcohols (1-Propanol & 2-Propanol). This is a FDA Certified “Disinfectant” Grade product (Manufacturing License No. MH/101854 & Product License No. 1041619).
  • “SteriPax” is in pourable or pumpable or sprayable LIQUID FORM. This is a must Hand Hygiene Product for all People exposed to Germs including those using crowded Public Transport, Trains, Metros, Taxies, Buses and Planes.
  •  Doctors & Nurses are exposed to 20 times more Germs than an average person. “SteriPax” is the perfect Bodyguard for all Medical Professionals. If you are taking care of a Baby or Small Children or Medical Patients, this is an ideal Hand Hygiene solution.

The only drawback is you will have to get a dispenser for get it working immediately for you.

Also you should not use the sanitizer is a soap dispenser. You should you the actual dispenser.

  • This is on the list because of the rating it has earned.
  • The use cases it should have gone through.
  • Comes at the same price as Dettol or Palmolive.

But has higher sales and same rating as them. It’s up to you whether you want to choose it or not.

Next on the top 5 home hand sanitization list we have,

#5 – Recognizable Brand Hand Sanitizer Only for Bulk use

Microwin CHG Handrub Sanitizer

If you really not a brand concerned, and want a combination of a bit of price and performance. Then you can save a bit on this one.

Comes in a single jar of liter and offered at less compared to Palmolive and Dettol.

Suggested if you are not very picky about the brands . THis shoulddothe job. But would not personally recommend for children.

#1 – Bonus Recommendations- Hand Sanitizers Worthy

Khadi essentials have always been the low flying preference brand by many of us. Only those who have been using it for a long time.

They never advertise on that scale and yet they thrive with their loyal customer base and support. You can really give it a try

Khadi Essentials Pure&Safe Instant Hand Sanitizer with 70% Ethyl Alcohol, Neem, Tulsi & Aloe Vera Extracts with Glycerine (1L Bottle)

  • Instantly kills 99.99% of germs & bacteria and provides effective protection.
  • Take few drops on your palms, rub well briskly over the palms, back of hands, fingernails and grooves until dry.
  • Sanitize your hand without loosing the moisture.
  • Sanitize your hands frequently with this self drying gel after shaking hands, visiting

If you are really skeptic and or want the brand to be great and really precis although all mentioned above are great. But then too if you want another choice, then

#2 – Bonus Recommendations- Hand Sanitizers Worthy

Oriley Waterless Advanced Hand Sanitizer Protection Sanitizing Gel Rinse-free

It comes in the smallest portion you can give it a try and then go for the best possible quantity.

What about the masks?

Masks have never been in so much demand since I was a child. They have always been required only by those who really did some hazardous work.

I have been wearing masks for the wood working stuff I was doing. Because in that dust particles accumulate in your lung way too much.

Talking about the quality and rating of the masks.

Now in this situation chaos, it will be really hard to produce mask with great life and good or best quality. The availability is all based on who snatches it first. I am not saying you should not get quality.

What I am emphasizing is covering your mouth and wear the mask.
A mask which is able to cover your lips completely is more than enough to confirm the quality of the masks, rather than not wearing at all.

Anything more than that in this situation is really time waste. Covering your mouth with these work because they are synthetic and work great.

So, I have selected the best top mask based on the reviews and quantity. You are certainly free to check more if you want.

#1 – Essentials Masks – Budget for Sanitizing During Covid

Mediweave Reusable 100% Cotton Cloth Face Mask

People are leaving reviews based on the stitching and finishing of the product. IN this hour of need covering sufficiently is more important than the finishing of the product.

You can go for a single expensive mask or go for multiple of them at half the price.

#2 – Essentials Masks- Budget for Sanitizing During Covid

Luzuliyo® KN95 Anti Pollution, Reusable, Non-woven with Melt Blown Protective

Made in India- With Highest Safety Standards

  • 3 LAYER FILTER ???????????????? – Make of safety standard material, electrostatic polypropylene micro-fiber material, 3-ply disposable mouth ???????????????? for children and adults, stay healthy and safe when at work or out.
  • PERFECT CHOICE – This ???????????????? which can be used all year in any weather which keeps you safe from fog, smog, dust, smells, vehicle exhaust, air pollution, allergens, and humidity. Suitable for cycling, camping, running, travel, climbing and daily use.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO DUST – 3 Ply disposаble elаstic eаrloop fаce ????????????????, filters over 75% of airborne particles, fumes, and odors. Keep people stay healthy and safe when at work or out by protecting your airways from pollutants and allergens to help you breathe easier as much as possible.
  • Kenneth Cole BLACK 100% Cotton Anti Pollution Anti Heat Anti Dust AntiBacterial Respirator Mask SITRA Approved 6 Layer Reusable Outdoor Face Mask PACK OF 3
  • Washable up-to 30 Washes and Reusable
  • NO DISCOMFORT: This mask is made of 100% ultra-light weight cotton fabric, making it soft and comfortable to your face, can be used for the whole day for easy breathing.
  • COMFORTABLE: The ear loop of our cotton face mask is very comfortable which reduces irritation around ears preventing leaving a trace on your face after taking off. One size fits most. Our cotton mouth masks are big enough for you to use.
  • ANTI-DUST & ANTI BACTERIA : Wearing this face mouth mask, you could be protected from dust, bacteria small particles on-air, pollen, and much more. Anti-dust, Anti-odor.

Next in the top 5 best in hand and home Sanitization we have paper rolls and napkins.

#3 – Essentials Paper Rolls/Napkins – Brand/Budget for Sanitizing During Covid

Use of paper rolls is quite convenient. In India we have been using old clothes and kids t-shirts to clean or wipe dirt. But they are bacterial and bad for health. And in this time, we certainly should opt for paper wipes.

✔️Because they will do a better job at home and personal sanitization.
✔️They are immediately destroyed via dustbin. No possibility of hand contact with anyone else.
✔️It does not matter if you use washroom paper roll for wiping hands. Its fine. But disposal is important.

We have made this into the list because the disposal of any bad or bacterial thing is necessary.

If you want the kitchen wipes for all the reasons discussed, then With Suggested Paper Roll Holder/Dispencer

Scott Slimroll Hard Roll Paper Towels (12388) with Fast-Drying Absorbency Pockets (HRT Roll), 176 m per roll, Pack of 6 rolls, White color-12388K

  • 580 feet of paper towels per roll; 6 rolls per case; 3,480 feet per case
  • Scott Control Slimroll Paper Towels fit in compact spaces you never imagined possible; Their small footprint means you can enjoy high-capacity convenience in a space-saving package
  • Each roll is 8″ wide x 580′ long and come in small cases for easy storage and handling and is for use only with compatible Kimberly-Clark Professional Slim roll Dispensers.
  • These paper towels are highly absorbent so you may use less and waste less
  • pack of 6 best in its class. And will last for at least 2.3 months if used precisely and reasonably.

Or if you want something that does no need to be teared off then, using the auto dispenser for the wipes is good.

Premium and Good Quality Home and Hand Sanitization Paper Rolls

Scott Multi Fold Towel (M-Fold) for Kitchen, Home and Office use, High Absorbent 250 Sheets, Medium size tissue, 28620

  • Tidy will need a dispenser for it suggested here.
  • This is an investment for the future as well where in you will have the safety protocols for you for the remaining life span.

Resonable Option for Home Sanitization paper napkins

Scott Essential High Capacity Hard Roll Paper Towels (1005), White, 1000′ (305 m)/ Roll, 6 Paper Towel Rolls/Convenience Case

  • Pack of 6 1k foot long. Will be useful for all purposes.
  • Scott paper towels are designed to reduce waste and provide excellent hand drying with exclusive Absorbency Pockets that soak up water fast
  • Designed Thick towels with high absorbency for any use
  • Highly absorbent, One sheet is enough to dry hands so use less and waste less
  • Made with 40 percent post-consumer waste and 60 percent recycled fiber content, Scott towels meet EPA standards
  • You should also start wiping of the dishes and utensils with this.
  • As they are factory packed they are manufactured in sterile machines.

below are the budget paper wipes for hand and home sanitization of covid

Other options are

Origami Absorbent 2 ply Kitchen Towels – 60 pulls per roll – Pack of 6-360 pulls

#4 – Essentials Best Budget Hand Sanitization Paper Napkins

Or if you want a really budget and sasta option, then go for the traditional pack of hand napkins which are easy t use at very reasonable rate.

Shrayati Bring Best Tissue Paper for Party Elite Breakfast Paper Napkins (Tissue Paper) White Pack of 12

There are many more option to paper napkins for hand and other sanitization. You can check for yourself. This is what personally used and checked by self or someone I know.

Useful reads:


No matter what you take from this article. Treat this covid situation as a re-class to moral science of habit.

We as humans have stopped washing hands after meals and copying the wrongs of each other.

May be this may be a bit from the spiritual side that to tech us a lesson God gave us this.
But regardless, this situation has pulled us back and asked us to again live as humans.

Because we are not in the old age where everything was as per nature and thus in nothing happens.
We have changed the environment, has changed a lot. And thus hands and home sanitary care is the immediate thing we should take care of.

Thank you for reading top 5 best hand and home sanitizations.

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