Cosmic Byte CB-GK-05 Titan Wired Gaming Keyboard with Aluminum Body, Rainbow Backlit Keycaps, Braided Cable (Black)


The CKB-GK12 is no longer available online for sale. Last we checked.

This is the the GK5 Version which has really great feedback and price to performance ratio.

Features: Cosmic CK5 Gaming Keyboard

  • Military Grade Design
    The design comes with vents and stylish Armour like design which gives it a positive aggressive look. Suitable for gaming.
  • Anti Ghosting keys
    Used to disable keys based on games and other modes.
  • Scratch resistant
    Keys made from good plastic not PBS though. But are great in looks and do the job quite well.
  • 10 Million Keystrokes tested.
    More than enough testing performed.

Summary – For Cosmic CK5 Keyboard for Gaming

You can go for this if you have never used gaming keyboard and then if you want you can switch to the Hyperx or any other Mechanical gaming keyboard. This is the best beginner friendly keyboard for all who want to test and check the Gaming keyboards. Not just for gaming but for all uses.



A good gaming keyboard with great RGB and military style design. Closing to 1 kg in weight this is the perfect companion for gaming keyboard.
Do no expect to be it like a performance of Hyper x gaming keyboard or the Corsair keyboard. Because this is a real budget value keyboard for all who want to taste the aggressive feel of gaming keyboards for the first time.

Sturdy Aluminium Body for great base.

If you are looking for something premium then wait for sometime and get a real mechanical keyboard. If you are just starting and want to check how better you would be in a gaming keyboard then go fort this one.

I have nothing to complain about this keyboard. Before going for the hyper x alloy I wanted to check this keyboard. I started using it and the feel was quite beautiful with this one. Of course the feeling of keys in my friends keyboard was way too elegant. Now for under 1500 what else can you expect. So I decided to buy the hyper x. later on.

Now I wanted to get the best, this does not mean this keyboard is not really worth it. Comes with good plastic and scratch resistance as well. Light can be a bit daunting sometimes. As I like single color back light rather than shiny object. You can certainly turn it off.
If thats all okay with you then go for it.


Best Value for Money of All times
There is no other keyboard which comes with these many features and at this cost. This is simply a great choice if you want to start with a gaming and mechanical like keyboard on a budget.

  • Complete RGB
    If you are the one who likes RGB and various mode in the RGB then you can have this Cosmic CK5 Gaming keyboard for sure. Nothing can beat this Cosmic mechanical Feeling and Gaming keyboard for sure.
  • Design
    Being Budget mechanical keyboard, the design and the quality has been really taken care off. Rather than going for chep keyboards from local cheap brands spend a bit more and get this really reliable gaming keyboard.

Not liked

The RGB modes cannot be saved.
Meaning, if you like light flickering mode which turn on when you press the key 8 times. Now Say you have that mode turned on. If you shutdown the PC and then turn it back on, then again you will have to select the mode by pressing the key 8 times.

RGB can be a bit glaring.
RGB is quite string but can be managed with keys to lower down the brightness or turn it off completely.

Why On the list? Cosmic CK 5 Gaming Budget Keyboard

Personally I used this model and later on switched to the Hyper x Alloy.
Not Because the keyboard stopped working or did want want o use it anymore. I bought it for getting the mechanical (not a mechanical keyboard )like feel and once I liked, I got the Hyperx real mechanical keys keyboard which my friend already had. The same model I bought.

Also it has 212 Positive reviews of 4+ stars. I would not say it has negative reviews.
Because people use this keyboard haphazardly and then complain this is not better and bad. They compare this to branded keyboards which are 7 times expensive than these.
This is a budget mechanical feeling keyboard with normal keys and gives a great feel and pleasure of using mechanical feeling keyboard on a budget.

Model: Cb-gk-05 titan interface: Wired USB keyboard back-light: Rainbow back-lit keyboard anti-ghosting: Anti-ghosting keys scratch resistant keys: Easy to clean keys with scratch – resistant inscriptions key life: More than 10 million keystrokes internet hotkeys: Home (fn plus f10), email (fn plus f11) media hotkeys: Volume up/down, play/pause, stop, prev, next, mute supported operating systems: Windows 98/2000/xp/vista/7/8/10 and above cable type: Braided cable length: 1.6 meters

Anti-ghosting: Anti-ghosting keys
Scratch resistant keys: Easy to clean keys with scratch – resistant inscriptions
Backlight: Rainbow backlit keyboard

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