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3 Havells Best Electric Kettles Top (Only)

We have been writing about Best electric kettle a long time Today we write about the Havells Best Electric Kettles among all other brands.

If you are new here, we try and analyse all the best products in each category.

Based on Brands, price to performance and household, family and bachelor’s considerations and viewpoints.

Analysis is based on product age and feedback from users. So today we are really sure we were only able to find 3 Top and Best electric kettles from Havells.

Stainless steel makes,  faster and quality boiling coils and great looking in every way. And less and less plastic.

No contact to your water or any liquid. Meaning a healthy solution compared to all, by Heavells.

Top 3 Best Havells Best Electric Kettles

Best Branded Electric Kettle from Havell’s

Steel Lid Interior
Great Design
Absolute Quality
2 Year Warranty
A bit Expensive
No Color Choice
  • Auto Shut Off Function
  • Integrated Stainless Steel Filter
  • 304 Stainless Steel Interior With No Plastic
  • Energy Saving Cool Touch Outer Body With No Scalding Hazard
  • Wide Mouth For Easy Filling,Pouring And Cleaning
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Requires Normal Socket
4 Stars 72 ratings36 answered questions
**Rating at the time of writing article. Taken Manually From amazon.

Suggested For:

Certainly not for the immediate bachelors.
This is a premium quality product and most of bachelors are travelling from house to house or city to city.
Havel’s best electric kettle is not for them for sure.

I personally recommend it for settled household where everything is designed and has a place to be. This is the perfect fit for a small family. The beautiful feminist selection.

#2 Havells Kettle Aqua DX 1.2 LTR Blue

Best in Design and Brand combination. Havell’s Best color Electric Kettle

Stainless Steel Interior
No Plastic
Possible Multi Purpose
One Design
Single Color
  • Double wall 304 stainless steel interior leads to cool touch outer body with no scalding hazard
  • Wider mouth for easy filling, pouring and cleaning
  • On and off switch with light indicator
  • Stainless steel lid and rim
  • Strix controller for longer life
  • Capacity: 1.2 liters
  • Warranty: 2 Year

This makes to the list because of best premium look and great brand affordability.

Although being on the expensive and premium side, it still rakes in highest quality and rating feedback. Good rating and better feedback. This wont be able to boil milk or do soup boiling task. At least not as per the documentation on the site and product listing as well.

But things to consider, It comes with completely internal stainless steel body. Meaning no plastic touch to any of the liquid you are boiling.

Also According to analysis, even milk can be boiled in this. Although not mentioned anywhere.

Because according to the images, its a brushed steel interior.

Which indicates no burning of milk when boling it. Like the other Best Budget Kettles.
Because normal steel does burn the milk and another density liquid.

But brushed steel acts like a silicon coating, as seen in fry pans. It does not allow anything to stick with it to a good extent.

Please go through question on listing before buying.

And Given the price point, it should be able to do all preparation tasks.

4.4+ Stars 174 ratings43 answered questions

Suggested For:

If you are a fan of brand and want something more sturdy and trust-able for family or even your bachelor life.

Then this is good and best brand buy in Havells branded line of Best Electric Kettles.

#3 Best Havells Travel Lite Electric Kettle (Beige)

Best Branded Travel Electric Kettle form Havells.

Good Color
Brand Value
Brand Expensive
  • Dual voltage
  • Auto shut off
  • 0.5L capacity
  • Boil dry protection
  • Travel accessories with 2 cups and pouch
  • Wide spout for easy filling, pouring and cleaning
  • Power: 1000 watts; Operating voltage: 120-240 volts
  • Warranty: 2 years on product

Travel kettle has become a new norm.

Because of all the weakness we are facing due changes in everything and everywhere.
Whether it be health, hygiene and air quality.

There is more instability in health these days. Due to this water is the best contender for health problems if we are on travel.
Thus to counter that, a health kettle; as I personally like to call it.

Suggested For You Check Out More To Buy On Amazon

The best possible way to get things healthy is hot water. Personal kettles are always in 500 ml which is handy.
Works in any electric socket.

So when you are in hotels or somewhere other than your house you can drink warm water.

Which would keep you away from all the necessary problems bubbling out of water.

4 Stars55 ratings17 answered questions

Suggested For:

All travelers. And hygiene care takers.

When Buying branded best electric kettles

Best Havells Best Electric Kettles

Decide on Heavy use or nominal use

If you are a heavy user regardless of family or bachelor.

Then a good choice for branded kettle. Else go for Best Budget Electric or Best electric Glass Kettles.

Time you plan to use electric kettles

If you are planning on using the kettle for ever, then the branded option is always the good one.
Because the come with a 2 year warranty

Quality of electric kettles

Something related to time. If you think you are going to use it over time, then quality matters.

And the quality of real brands like Havells, Morphy Richards, bajaj, Kent and many more do matter.

What is quality in the electric kettles?

This is not something related to aesthetics.

It comes to the filament and the coil which is being used in the electric kettle at the base. The internal material used.

The lid used, whether it is completely plastic and or covered with steel from inside.
These things do matter as plastic overtime is not good for health.

Reading References

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We have today given the best analysis we could on the branded bestseller electric kettle from Havells.

You can find many more kettles. Many Other Brands are available. Havells is a good brand. I have personally used their other products.

So my suggestion you could go for this one. But if you prefer other brands you are most welcome.
If you are looking for something more reasonable and budget then, top 5 Best Budget Electric Kettles

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