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Best Thermosteel Milton Water Bottle India 2020

Today we look for the best Thermosteel Milton Water Bottle you can select based on your use case.

I have mentioned in the video below that which bottle suits which environments.

Adding to that we have covered the basic features all Milton Thermosteel bottles have in common.

Also, I have personally used the basic model of Thermosteel Milton water bottle when I use to work in office night shifts.

If you do not like to read then Find the Light Data video about

7 Best Milton Thermosteel Bottle Online Video

Simple yet elegant, completely stainless steel. With a simple design and great performance.

It comes with double-walled insulation and has a 24 hour capacity of keeping the water warm or cold depending on what type of water for the beverage you have put in.

#1 Duo DLX 1000 Thermosteel Milton Water Bottle

Duo DLX 1000 Thermosteel Milton Water Bottle

Best Buy For All

  • Heavy Duty
  • Stainless Steel
  • 24 Hour hot or cold capacity

Not only that this bottle is the best value for money buy or best price to performance Thermosteel bottle from Milton

This bottle comes again with a warranty of one year. One year warranty as for the hot and cold functionality and not for the physical damage.

They do have a call center or customer care helpline number.

This bottle is available in multiple colors and multiple capacities with color being white pink orange and other trendy colors.

Suggested For

This is the simplest form of Bottle of Thermosteel one can buy for daily use you can use it for an office, Home Office, home, or travel as well.

Duo DLX 1000 Thermosteel Milton Water Bottle

Duo DLX 1000 Thermosteel Milton Water Bottle

The Good

  • Warranty
  • Leak proof
  • Rust Proof

Not Liked

  • Design
  • Bland Look
  • No Color

So there is no special category by whom this should be used. 

If you are not able to select from any of the bottles then this is the best model you can opt for.

If you want to be simple and yet something to look forward to simply beautiful on your table then this is it.

#2 Duo DLX 750ml Thermosteel Milton Water Bottle

milton stylish thermosteel water bottle

Soft Appealing

  • Copper Plated
  • Sturdy Base
  • 24 Hour hot or cold capacity

The Thermosteel bottle which is of the same model as above but comes with subtle white color and can cause complete attraction.

This again offers 1-liter capacity and with a simple design change at the bottom, which is sweetly beautiful. Also Gives a bit more sturdy base.

This Milton Thermosteel water bottle is with a copper coat internally to retain the functionality for said periods. 

Better compared to other Thermosteel bottles. This bottle has all the features of leak-proof, 24 hours capacity of storing the water or a beverage, and a year warranty on the warrant do not cover breakage and tempering.

This bottle I personally feel, given The Subtle look and great color combination with its beautiful shape suitable for office going for work from home office desk this is the best combination you can have you can use it anyway but you can have this for sure

Suggested For

Home office or Office use only. Due to design and simplicity.

Duo DLX 1000 Thermosteel Milton Water Bottle

milton stylish thermosteel water bottle

The Good

  • Copper Plated
  • Colors
  • More Sturdy

Not Liked

  • Bit Expensive

This is a value for design and money product. the bad is mentioned as expensive but it actually is not when compared to the look and value it offers. But yes compared to the first simple looking one this is a JUST more priced.

If you are still not satisfied with the subtle color and beautiful or simple design then this is the product for you.

#3 Milton Bliss 1100 Thermosteel Water Bottle

milton thermosteel water bottle online india

Office Offer Type

  • Crystal Design
  • Huge Base
  • Designer

This bottle is this bottle Milton bliss Thermosteel comes with a great design of cubical style structure mixed with a circular pattern or circular structure.

There are no gaps or cavities which acquire dirt. So this bottle even though trendy and modern shaped functions well and looks great

This is another milton Thermosteel 1000 ml water bottle with design and effective 24 hours functionality. Offering a 1-year warranty as well.

This is not a milton thermosteel sipper water bottle. It is presented later in the listings.

Suggested For

Personally, this is the best-Designed milton thermosteel crystal bottle. I would really suggest this for office use only.

Milton Bliss 1100 Thermosteel Water Bottle 1060ml

Milton Bliss 1100 Thermosteel Water Bottle

The Good

  • Crystal Design
  • Capacity
  • Value For money

Not Liked

  • No Color

Suggestion is from my point of view. Use this for any purpose whether it’s picnic whether it’s outgoing or anything but this is a great selection if you Want something simple but stylish.

Do read further and then arrive at a decision.

Want Something easy and handy for you or to fit in your daily travel. Or a coffee water container for shingle person. Here it is. Also Works for old age people.

This one is my favorite when it comes to finding the handiness and easiness of carrying the bottle with you.

This can lift all the burden of making your travel great and good because this carries the exact capacity of hot water or hot milk you require for beverages.  

What you require while you’re on the go this will not be a problem at all. This will remain under 500 grams and it will serve as a beverage service for you.

Now in terms of design

This is a great travel companion. If you are a solo Traveler then this will act as great support for having beverages. I would suggest. Because the capacity of this does not suggest to be used for drinking water.

There is no other simplistic yet good quality option for travel thermosteel bottle.

Suggested For

Solo Travel or travel of 2 only.

Milton Elfin 160 Thermosteel Hot and Cold Water Bottle

The Good

  • Travel Ready
  • Portable
  • More Sturdy

Not Liked

  • 160 ml Capacity

If you travel I would say this is for you. Only For long distances and if you are on solo travel.

Should be used only for, pure handling of beverages and nothing else because this is too small to hold the water and to quench anyone’s thirst

Are you with a trend and full of energy?

Like to be the best in everything that connects with you? Then this is a great choice. 

For revealing your character or energy or the way you like to put it this is the best bottle of Thermosteel Milton bottles I have seen.

#5 Milton Atlantis 900 Thermosteel Hot and Cold Water Bottle 750 ml

Milton Atlantis 900 Thermosteel Hot and Cold Water Bottle

Sports Bottle

  • Angled Sipper
  • Stainless Steel
  • One Click Cap

Because this milton thermosteel water bottle 750ml comes in cute capacity.

Offering the trendy look and on top of that, it has a lid over it which helps you to from rotating the cap or open the cap every now and then.

This milton thermosteel sipper water bottle comes with the comfort of easy-drinking due to the sipper position.

This comes in great trendy Kala also made of stainless steel and it is ready to take on any task which you give it on a day-to-day basis

What I personally like about this is the shape which is completely angled for a perfect drinking experience and the 

One-click open of the cap for sipper is easy while you are doing your exercises or dancing classes

Read a Simple Review Of Milton Atlantis 900 Thermosteel Bottle

Suggested For

Involves dancing cycling running fitness your gyms or anyone who is involved in fitness

Milton Atlantis 900 Thermosteel Bottle 750ml

Milton Atlantis 900 Thermosteel Hot and Cold Water Bottle

The Good

  • Sipper
  • Click Open Cap
  • Hygiene

Not Liked

  • Capacity

Perfect companion because it is lightweight and comes in various Trendy colors .

Suits all whether it’s male-female or want a Unisex color. Everything goes with it and it is full on with trends.

Grab attention with not that much attraction!

Now if you want to be trendy but at the same time want to look subtle and something different something which makes an impression.

This is the perfect blend for those people.

#6 Milton Prudent 800 Thermosteel Hot and Cold Bottle

milton bliss 1100 thermosteel water bottle 1060ml

Subtle Trend

  • Dual Tone
  • Absolute Design
  • Stainless Steel
  • Copper Coating

Because this comes in a dual-tone very subtle and beautiful color. 

Has a wonderful Unisex look. I cannot find anything bad about this.

Slim and elongated to make it portable vertically while you carry in your backpacks. 

This is covered with a 1-year warranty and is leak-proof and comes with a rubber nose as well.

Comes in a very odd capacity which is 810 ml. And last time I saw different colors available for different variations of colors available.

Suggested For

Office Travel going anything.

Milton Atlantis 900 Thermosteel Bottle 750ml

milton bliss 1100 thermosteel water bottle 1060ml

The Good

  • Elegant
  • Many Colors
  • Long Shaped
  • Trendy

Not Liked

  • Capacity

But people who want to be trendy and do not want that much attention but yes do want some attention for fun 😉 . So this is best for them.
This is like me it is it does not open to the eye but yes it does definitely catch it. 

We come to the end of the list by looking at Milton atlantis 900 thermosteel water bottle.

This 900 ml thermosteel comes in blue color with a great attitude on it which will definitely pump you up. 

#7 Milton Astir 900 Thermosteel Hot and Cold Water Bottle

milton atlantis 900 thermosteel water bottle

Best Casual Bottle

  • Absolute Attitude Design
  • Stainless Steel
  • Loop Carry

Although trendy and attitude cool, this can keep up the liquid hot or cool only for 4 to 6 hours.

Because this is not bulky this is Not Dual insulated(insulated though) but it has a great color combination and great style

Does come with a leak-proof capacity and with a 1-year warranty but the warranty is not on the color or the style which it comes with but the warranty is on the functionality of the bottle and into it

Suggested For

Gym and College buds.

Milton Atlantis 900 Thermosteel Bottle 750ml

milton atlantis 900 thermosteel water bottle

The Good

  • Trendy
  • Fitness Ready
  • Sipper
  • Carry Loop

Not Liked

  • No Colors
  • No Other Attitudes

I personally would suggest this for college going people who have a simple job who can refill the water whenever they want because this is not going to keep the water returned for a very long time.

So I think this is the best fit for college going people or hobby and activity.

Watch In Video Thermosteel Milton Bottles


Using milton thermosteel water bottle will not allow you to com, plain in any matter. Because it comes with sturdy quality and trust for over 30 years. As I have experienced.

Choose any bottle based on your liking and suggestions above and you will have nothing to worry about for the next 2 years a minimum.

Question and Information

Why Use Milton

Milton has been a great Grand since my childhood. Milton was like a prized possession. If you had that their water bottle and if you are the child of the 90s or 80s you will certainly know what kind of joy it had.

Having a milton thermosteel water bottle is the same in this era as well. Keeping that Nostalgia side this is a really great company that has evolved over time.

The experience of water bottles and tiffin boxes to the very next level and great quality. 

And they have become great at their game for the modern era and the millennial and the Instagram generation. So these selections which we have made are the best fit for all kinds of generation and all kinds of identities. This is what Milton has done and is has shown that is capable of with quality and time trial of generation change.


The best part of these milton thermosteel water bottles online is they are very sturdy they are leak-proof. Does not spill a drop of water. Compared to other pet bottles we may use in India. The bottles are not supposed to be used for drinking water. Or the bottle of all aerated drinks. 

Because these bottles are made out of plastic which is not good for your health. And they are even not leak proof. So spending on something like milton thermosteel water bottle online will not go in vain. It will give you health and helps you maintain good hygiene in terms of water.

Value for Money 

These bottles are not that expensive if you compare it with any of the Western country’s brands. Really value for money and come with stainless steel which means complete hygiene and easy clean with almost lifetime endurance of bottle. Stainless steel utensils are not going to get bad at any point in time it will just keep on going. There is a possibility that after 5 years the knob may not be able to keep the water leak-proof, and that is due to wear and Tear not due to the quality that it will certainly not deteriorate the bottle of the quality of the overall bottle.

Banded and Trusted

As mentioned above Milton is the most trusted brand and it has carried forward cell since last what 30 plus years so I definitely would recommend this brand because I am a person a user of it

Precautions – How To


Do not use high soda or surf for washing these. It is highly suggested that you use very mild soap and a very soft brush because internally it is made of brushed steel and there is a coating of copper which may or may not be visible depending on the model. So make sure that you take these precautions and do not wash it harshly.


Handling is quite easy but make but mind well that please do not drop this bottle every now and then. It doesn’t matter if you drop it by mistake the physical damage will damage the functionality. But if you keep dropping it all the time it may lose the capacity to serve the purpose. 

Because this is duel insulation when there is a cavity between the inner layer and the outer layer, which may get damaged by dropping. 


There is a difference between washing and cleaning because cleaning is something that the cap requires. You can clean it while with a simple paper napkin because it gets dirty over time and normally we forget to wash the cap. Wipe it with a damp paper napkin 

Personal Cautions

Make sure you know which milton thermosteel water bottle contains hot water for tea or coffee and which bottle contains drinking water.

This is from personal experience, that if you tend to forget you may directly open the water bottle for tea and pour it in your mouth which would be fatal.

Because by grabbing these thermosteel water bottles you cannot know what the water be like inside.

A different size bottle for hot tea water and a big milton thermosteel water bottle for drinking purposes is a good idea.

Thankyou for reading about milton thermosteel water bottle information, Please do share and like. Or Comment for any feedback.