5 Best Herbal Mosquito Liquid Repellent Vaporizer Refill

We try to find out the best herbal mosquito repellent liquid for your daily home use. You may have used many mosquito repellent liquidators in the past.

But due to some health or irritation reasons you may want to switch to herbal liquidators.

Lets see what we have got in terms of herbal mosquito repellent liquid.

When it comes to herbal liquid mind well the budget is going to exceed. Because they are always expensive. And Something which is beneficial to health then it has to be expensive.

Lets try to get a simple list of good herbal repellents now.

5 Best Herbal Mosquito Liquid Repellent Vaporizer Refill

Novosynth Mosqpel Kidzee -Herbal Mosquito Vaporizer

Best Rated Budget Herbal Repellent

Makes to the list because of the great user feedback and continues the positive outcomes.

With refreshing lemion fragrance Fits in all the liquidator machines available in the market.

An effective mosquito repellent with great combination of naturals. It is made with Citrosynthol derived from lemon eucalyptus.

Not harmful like other liquidators which contain Transfluthrin or Dimefluthrin or any other chemical combinations. These are not that heavy for humans but it can be good if you can use natural cure for mosquitoes.

Makes the best mosquito repellent with being non toxic.

Suitable For


Not Liked

#2 Shadow Securitronics Lemon Eucalyptus Oil Based Mosquito Vaporizer

Value For money oil Based Mosquito Vaporizer

This has all the features of the above mentioned mosquito repellent. But we make it to the list because of the value for money preposition.

This is 100% natural kerosene and Transfluthrin free. Which no harm to anyone whatsoever. It can be used by anyone and everyone.

It has made sure that it protect babies by designing the composition which is baby safe.

It has been approved globally, so no worries of getting anything bad for your baby or kids.

Suitable For


Not Liked

Bold and Worthy Claim from the Vendor

Our Herbal Repellent Vaporizer is safe for children’s and adults.

  • 2X More Powerful
  • 100% Knockdown Formula
  • Protects from Flies & Mosquitoes
  • Pleasant Fragrance

#3 Unica Mosquito Repellent With Pure Herbal Actives NEEM

Best Mosquito Repellent with Room Freshener

Listed because of all the good the product has to offer. Comes with 6 packs and at a real reasonable rate.

Made with Bio-Intelligent formulation with herbal active ingredients which creates efficiency up-to 97%. In office and home.

This is friendly with Asthma patient by results being 9 out of 10 feedback.

Tulsi and neem makes a good combination for soothing aroma which in turn generates De-stress environment.

No brand mentions child safety or patient claims. But they have claimed it boldly and live on vendor site.

So this is the best available safety product with great output and claims.

This is a 2 in 1 liquid mosquito repellent which acts as room freshener as well.

Suitable For


Not Liked

#4 Strategi Herbal Mosquito Repellent Vaporizer

Value For money oil Based Ayurvedic Mosquito Vapouriser

With 150+ Positive feedback’s. this has really a great value for money. Not branded but yes it does the work quite joyfully.

Made with great combination of citratus Lemongrass Oil, Azardirachta indica, Neem oil and Eucalyptus Oil.

Great combination of oils for all the herbal and natural benefits. If not benefits at least no harms at all.

This has come to be an ayurvedic Liquid mosquito repellent.

Claim for use 30-35 days in all. No one exclusively mentions this.

Suitable For


Not Liked

#5 Happy Nights Gold Tulsi and Herbal Oil

Mosquito Repellent Herbal Oil Based

Perfect for all use and on a budget. Added this as an extra option to the existing herbal mosquito repellents.

Its neurotoxic free with all the essential oils and herbal flavor a herbal mosquito repellent has.

It is good to use for with children and ready for all family use. Nothing much to worry about most effective insect repellent extracted from oil of Tulsi.

From The Vendor

SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN SAFE FOR SKIN DEET is rapidly absorbed through the skin. This can lead to problems especially in young children. As a result there are restrictions on children under the age of 12 using DEET and guidelines suggest you should only use DEET 1-2 times a day.

Suitable For


Not Liked


We have curated the best possible options available in herbal mosquito repellent vaporizer with all at their best. With positive feedback and great user usage feedback via comments. Thus if you choose any would be a great choice. Provided you do not want something in brand.

Else Good night has Naturals Options Buy from Amazon. But due to very poor feedback did not add it to the list.

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