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Best Electronic Safe Lockers for Home

top 7 best electronic lockers india 2020

You are concerned about safety! Even I am. Considering so much to posses 😉

In Top 7 Best Electronic Safe Lockers for Home we selected the product based on high on quality. Brand is also one of the highest factor for this article. For the first time we have kept budget a last priority.

When it comes to security I think you should not trust for some thousands a really new or a non established brand.

So while you try to buy the safest electronic home lockers get a basic idea of what you criteria should be.

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What are you going to use electronic home locker for?

Documents or everything. When you know this you can decide on size.

Size : Considering your requirement try to get something a bit bigger. Because we tend to use the safe later on for more things.

With size known consider thinking of placement. In wardrobe or in the drawer or in the walls. Based on the requirements and model this can be considered.

Type of Locks: As we are talking about electronic home lockers, you have 2 options

Biometric – Like finger print scanner in mobile

Digital Key lock: like pass-code feature in your mobile

So all of these features come in the range of 5k-15k depending on size and technology. Consider the above criteria while selecting the best electronic lockers for home.

For more Detailed Questions Refer my Electronic Safe Locker for Home Personal All Buying Guide

Top 7 Best Electronic Safe Lockers for Home Reviews India

AmazonBasics Desk Drawer Electronic Safe Locker

#1 Best Electronic Safe locker for Drawers and small things in office use


Although coming with small form factor has all the features to offer of a great electronic locker.

  • Smart Portable
    Seriously portable and great at works. All features of a big safe in small pack.
  • Easy Backup
    With key can be easily opened and the password can be saved again.
  • Fitting Ready
    Can be fit in drawers or any corners in kitchen or anywhere in house.
  • Impenetrable Design
    Design is pry proof and solid with uni body structure for casing.

Comes in handy and is portable in every way. Sturdy build and digital + key based locking system.
Two motorized rods make sure it will not be opened by prying or even forcing.

Also The mechanisms are fitted under a great steel make casing which makes it steal proof.

The only way to get something stolen would be getting it out of the fittings and trying to break it with hammer.

Comes with pre-drilled mounting holes for fittings withing the drawer and or wardrobe.

This is an amazon basics product so I would not be concerned much about the branding and the quality part.

LikedNot Liked
Budget Drawer Locker
Average Lock Set
Budget Keypad
Security Design

No visible holes or space to pry open or force enter. Good and simple backup solution. Fits in any corner space.


Mostly fixed to the environment. But if you want something on a regular basis then you can use it as a handy thing. Like in office it may be used for transfer of information of very sensitive piece of information. But otherwise it should be fixed in place.

Suggested Use

Office drawers! and in home inside lockers or huge drawers. Wardrobe? you can go for something bigger.

Use Case

Should be used for sensitive information and very private objects. Like diamonds and others top of the line. Should not be shared with anyone else.

How To Operate

Simple pass-code based operation. Set the pass-code enter the pass-code and turn open the knob. If pas-code forgotten then open with backup keys.

Best AmazonBasics Security Safe – 1.2-Cubic

Nerdy Staff

Pad Lock
Keys and Backup
Value For Money
Make and Construction
Brand Customer Support
Customer Feedback

A great Budget Personal Electronic Locker

Looking for something small and do not like the Godrej drawer electronic model then this one is for you. has all the smart features and works well with personal use.


Godrej Security Solutions Stilo Electronic

#2 (Budget Edition) Best Electronic Safe Locker for Home Use

NA Right Now4+

This is the most most feature packed and budget friendly option in the line of cube electronic lockers for home.

On the heavier side of 11 kg. Comes with electronic password of 3 and 6 digits to be configured.

  • Mechanical Override
    Meaning key to access if the password is forgotten
  • Multiple Attempts Locking System
    If wrong or incorrect password in entered several times then auto lock feature is enabled.
  • Retains Password
    Best part is the password is not forgotten if the battery is removed for replacement.
  • Low Battery Indicator.
    Indicates when a battery is low.

Has a feature of master passwords which can be used if the secondary password is forgotten. So you will not require keys most of the time.

The product does not come with battery. 4 number of AA 1.5V need to be purchased extra.

Installation is not free. It is charged extra. Installation meaning a complete product ready to use installation.

As the product comes from Godrej, a real warranty and elegant customer care is the part of the deal.

Free demo of the Product is available. Please check the vendor listing.

LikedNot Liked
Heavy and Sturdy
Retains Password
Auto Freeze Wrong Password
Shabby Look
No Batteries Included
Security Design

No Space for fry or force entry. Auto lockout for wrong entry of passwords.
Backup master password. retains password even if batter is removed.


Can be use in office shelves or even in the indoor of house. But mainly suggest it for home use. Can be drilled into the walls for permanent. Mostly try to fix it in a furniture based enclosure.

Suggested Use

For important documents and or precious metals only. As the space is cube based not suggested for storage of heavy cash.

Use Case

Petty cash in house and Jewellery. Office related keys and of digital keys. Documents may not fit in that comfortably. Try to get something of higher height.

How To Operate

No Space for fry or force entry. Auto lockout for wrong entry of passwords.

Backup master password. retains password even if batter is removed.

Best AmazonBasics Security Safe – 1.2-Cubic

Nerdy Staff

Pad Lock
Keys and Backup
Value For Money
Make and Construction
Brand Customer Support
Customer Feedback

A Home Friendly Best Electronic Locker Option

Not able to choose anything for your home then this is the choice. Works well for all uses. Whether in office or home. If black color is not liked then the next one will help.


AmazonBasics Security Safe – 1.2-Cubic

#3 (Budget Edition) Home and Office Safe Electronic Locker


The second most loved and with great feedback product right now. This has over 1300+ positive feedback.
Based on feedback, this is the ultimate choice.

But lets dive in a bit.

This is the one which have a section designed for multiple shelves. Which help is dissecting or keeping things categorically.

Comes with all the raw features like password based protection and mechanical override.

Works on 4 AA size batteries does allow key access in case of battery is dull or damaged. Battery needs to be purchased separately.

With 1 Year warranty coming from a brand like amazon this will serve you for a long long time to come. Just make sure you replace batteries on time.

This product comes in various combos and sizes. Please click here to check and buy on amazon

LikedNot Liked
Heavy and Sturdy
Brands Value
No Master Password
No Batteries Included
Not Water or Fire Proof

Security Design

Pry and force entry proof. Sturdy and rugged design.


This comes in a cubical shape. So suitable mostly for home or for personal office spaces. Comes with shelves making it easy to separately store things.

Suggested Use

For Small Documents and important notes ledgers. In Home can be used for all purpose. Like passports jewellery and much more.

Use Case

In house can be used for cash storage specially and for important document. If used in office can be multi-functional with the use of sections. Buy personal use only Not for staff use.

How To Operate

Similar to all others. Password set as per manual. Use password to unlock. Battery based and key based unlock.

Best AmazonBasics Security Safe – 1.2-Cubic

Nerdy Staff

Pad Lock
Keys and Backup
Value For Money
Make and Construction
Brand Customer Support
Customer Feedback

All purpose Value For Money Mid Range Electronic Locker Safe

Rating have spoken for themselves. Yes and it does the job based on all the features mentioned an does it quite well. Nothing to complain as such.


Godrej Security Solutions Taurus Electronic Safe

#4 (Best Edition) Home Safe Electronic Locker


Now this one again comes from Godrej. Because I would personally not trust a newly available brand for secure things.

And also when we saw some ratings review and the way things were handled by other brands, only 2 brands amazon-basics and Godrej came out to be victorious.

Features in Short

  • Master Password
    If you forget the main password then you can always unclock even without key with a master password.
  • Brute Force Lock
    This is a tamper proof and pry design which is available in all brands. But not with trust from Godrej.
  • Hide Password
    Options are given that when the password is entered it cannot be seen by anyone.
  • Keypad Freeze
    If multiple incorrect attempts are made.
  • Warranty
    1 Year standard warranty from manufacturer.

This is made with bend mild steel. Quite heavy for any use. So mostly placement should be static and without any movement. Should be fixed in place.

Mostly batteries are not provided and installation into the walls or furniture requires installation minimal charge. Get in touch with the company care for further assistance.

Master password for overall security. Even if you forget the pass-code you can always unlock with master password or with backup keys

Similar to your mobile pass-code. If multiple incorrect attempts are made then keypad freezes.

Mostly usable if the electronic safe locker is used in office open environment. the password hide feature. Password while entering can be hidden if opening the safe in front of someone else.

How To Operate

Simple operation with creation of password then unlocking locker with password. If password forgot then use master password. If master password forgotten then go for key opening.

Security Design

Heavy metal bent construction. Impenetrable with traditional instruments.


This is the best cubical shape. Which is the most trusted and sold by Godrej. It best fits for any of the environment provided the capacity matches.

Suggested Use

Works best for locker like systems whether in office or home. Works well for exclusive storage. Like for only ornaments and or only cash.

Use Case

Inside furniture or office tables with fixtures. For single item storage as the self is too small for cramming everything into one.

LikedNot Liked
Heavy and Sturdy
Brands Value
Master Password
Lacks looks

Best Godrej Security Solutions Taurus Electronic Safe

Nerdy Staff

best electronic lockers for home india 2020
Pad Lock
Keys and Backup
Value For Money
Make and Construction
Brand Customer Support

Simplicity and Budget Friendly Electronic Safe Locker India 2020

Old school best locker for all ages people. Works well and does the job of electronic security and safety with budget. Comes form trusted brand. So it is an easy go for all.


Goldilocks Electronic Personal Home Safe Locker

#5 (Best Portable) Only Best Portable Home Safe Personal Electronic Locker


This Portable electronic Safe Locker for personal use is not for me. When I saw this for the first time. Until I bought one for myself. I realized it works like charm if you put it to use.

Do not come to any conclusion before you read.

This is the best electronic safe locker for every home. Because we all have working people in home. Where there are working people you, have maids and servants. Instead of blaming the servants for any missing things of daily use; you can opt for this solution.

Your every day items remains safe. Like watch, wallet, car keys, some cash and may be at night you remove gold from your body during night or before shower.

Made internally with velvet texture and soft bed. Comes with various pockets for suitable needs which fits everyone.

Made with industrial steel and it is comfortable for home use.

You May say it can be lifted pretty easily.

Well it has a tamper proof alarm system. If anyone even move it around the alarm goes off. The base is quite sturdy for your daily use. So it does not move around easily.

Fun part is this can even be used to store TV remote and can act as a child lock system or even a mobile locking system.

Features in Short

  • Anti lift theft
    Alarm goes off if someone tries to tamper or tries to lift the portable locker.
  • Wire lock Compatible
    You can use the laptop wire lock to secure this even more in one place. At the back of the locker there is an option top connect the laptop lock. No provided with the product
  • Illumination LED for night use
    You can use the keypad in case of low light or in dark areas.
  • Tamper Proof
    Designed in such a way no force entry can be made. Uni body sealed design
  • Warranty Information
    1 Year Term Covered
    . The company shall repair or replace any part proven to be defective in material or workmanship within the warranty period. Please refer to product listing.
Security Design

Laptop lock compaticble and digitally secure. Pry proof and anti theft alarm.


ON desk in drawers or anywhere in the house or office.

Suggested Use

For daily use of valuable item storage whether in office or at home.

Use Case

In any environment for valuables only. Not for small stuff. Best use for home and in office to store wallets and watches.

LikedNot Liked
Portable yet Secure
Way to Small
Color options(Fancy Product)

Best Goldilocks Electronic Personal Home Safe Locker

Nerdy Staff

best electronic Personal drawers locker safes for home india 2020
Pad Lock
Keys and Backup
Value For Money
Make and Construction
Brand Customer Support

Stylish & Reasonable Personal Electronic Locker No Biometric India 2020

Best Locker with movable and functional easiness. Great for daily and personal use. Best personal locker with


Best Cubical Biometric Electronic Safe AmazonBasics Fingerprint

#6 (Best Portable Biometric) Best Portable Cube Biometric Electronic Safe


If you want something in terms of tech and highly secure. Then this is one for you.

A perfect Biometric(finger print) lock for your electronic locker. It fits the size for the most and does the job quote well for everyone of us.

Offered with excellent fingerprint storing capacity of 50. In all, 50 different finger prints can be stored. Meaning 50 people or 25 people with 2 finger prints can use this safe at once.

Excellent backup option of 2 keys and multiple finger scans. If you have finger print scanned for multiple people say like 5. Then you ask another person to open the safe and then reset your own fingerprint, if for some reason it may not be working.

  • The Make and Construction
    Made with industrial carbon-steel and unified design. Heavy build for the body with 14 gauge steel and 8 gauge carbon steel for the door.
  • Build Security
    Hinges are concealed for security and force entry of any kind
    The entire frame is covered well to prevent any prying and hammered approach.
  • Locking Bolts
    2 Bolts for door locking which makes it highly secure with the gauge the door is built with.
  • The Biometric (Finger print scanner)
    It has a 500 dpi scanning capacity. Up to 50 finder prints can be stored in it. Tested for over 100000+ times for efficiency and security. Blazing fast finger print scan with less than second recognition.
  • Back up and Emergency Opening
    Comes with 2 pair of backup keys if you are locked out of the electronic safe. Just open with and reset the password. the manual covers each step in detail.
  • Mounting and Assembly
    Comes with a proper manual and the DIY manual is easy to understand. A simple mounting to be done. Mounting is easy with pre-drilled holes at the back and the screws provided.
  • Warranty
    Comes in with a 1 year warranty from Amazon Basics brand. They also have customer care for more instructions.
Security Design

Made with industrial Steel with high tensile strength. Pry Proof design.


This portable Electronic biometric shelf is easy in desk corners or shelves or even in wardrobes.

Suggested Use

Regular use of important stuff like in office. For home daily gold wears or matters of importance docs.

Use Case

Mostly in office environment for daily secure tasks. For home can be used as a regular shelf if more space is not needed.

LikedNot Liked
50 Finger prints
Solid yet not that heavy
All Advance features
Price to Performance
Best Security
A bit on the high price
Not a Budget Buy

Best Cubical Biometric Electronic Safe AmazonBasics Fingerprint Review

Nerdy Staff

best electronic lockers for home india 2020
Finger Print Scan and Options
Keys and Backup
Value For Money
Make and Construction
Brand Customer Support

Space Specific Electronic Locker Multi use (Biometric Mid Range) India 2020

This is the best possible price to performance and features pick if you want a bio-metric electronic safe for your home. Great on capacity and with all features. Customer support may be a tricky in some cases.


AmazonBasics Biometric Fingerprint Home Safe High capacity

#7 (Best High capacity) Only Best High Storage Space Home Safe Biometric Electronic Locker


If you are looking for something for permanent all purpose use in boimetric electronic safe for your home. Then you can completely trut this one

This is the perfect selction between the personal or deawer based safe locker and rectangle based cubic eelctronic safe locker.

It comes with all the required features of apowerful safe locker for home with all the secrueity a safe locker has in the office and in\dustries.

The shapoes is square cubuoid not just arectangle cube. This makes the use of this product as efficient as possible.

The black color is the best one because it merges with all the environment whether home or office. IF you are looking for something with color or do not want BLACK for religious reasons, then check out Godrej Electronic Lockers

  • Construction
    Made with high tensile carbon-steel used in industry constructions. The body is designed for the casing and the door is designed separately.
  • Security
    Completely secure with steel from all sides. Impenetrable to any force of tools. Locks are concealed with such carefulness broken entry is almost impossible.
    All the hinges are hidden from outside and gives a uni body look and design.
  • Locking and Bolts
    Comes with heavy duty locking 2 bolts for door locking. They are triggered using motorized mechanisms. Thus no way of getting the thing opened with any other force. Only finger print scanner or finally the keys could be used.
  • Backup Option
    Yes it does come with a backup option of 2 pairs of keys. Although you will not need because it supports option for 50 finger prints. So anyone else can open for you. If your finger print is not working and then you can reset your fingerprint using keys or another’s finger print.
  • Mounting and Assembly
    Company amazon basics provides fittings and screws for wall and furniture mounts. For which holes are given on the back side of the locker.
    Comes with easy to use manual and DIY setup guide in all.
  • Warranty
    Warrantied by amazon basics with 1 year for any functional warranties. Please do check warranty details on product site.
Security Design

Carbon steel Build with pry proof and brute force non penetrable.


Should be placed in exclusive shelves and permanent fixtures. Movement will not be possible. Highly heavy.

Suggested Use

Build for high capacity valuable storage. In office or in home can used for multipurpose things.

Use Case

In office can be used for documents and other digital important keys. For home can be used for ornaments and passports and much more.

LikedNot Liked
Finger print scanner
Price to Performance
Price to Value
Multipurpose Use
Home or Office ready
Easy Assembly even Big Locker.
Single color
Some may prefer white
Non Movable.

AmazonBasics Biometric Fingerprint Home Safe High capacity

Nerdy Staff

best electronic biometric ockers for home india 2020
Finger Print Scan and Options
Keys and Backup
Value For Money
Make and Construction
Brand Customer Support

All in one Value for Money Electronic Locker with Biometric and Capacity India 2020

The best possible choice if you want a biometric scanner for home or office use with high storage capacity and value for money. It has a whopping 43ltr. capacity compared to other 28ltr mentioned above.
erst all Feature remains the same.



Still not able to decide. If you are confused or looking for one solution to all the problem then choose any Cube shape Electronic Safe Locker. Make sure you do not have problem with placement of the locker.

If you want something personal and for daily use then the Last one Personal electronic locker is the best way to take care of daily valuable.

Thinking of portable locker with desk option then the first Amazon Basics Portable Drawer electronic locker is the best bet.

There are many other brands available in the market for Best electronic safe locker whether portable or drawer based. But the reviews and the real feedback which we got are terrible. And this is not something which we buy and re-buy everyday. Thus suggested all the information about 2 brads only.

Buying Guide Before Buying from Top 7 Best Electronic Safe Lockers for Home

best electionics lcoker top 7 india 2020 (1)

What to consider before buying electronic lockers safes For home Or Office

Your need

Meaning if you are wanting to buy a lockers for keeping documents jewelry or something of utmost importance. Based on that value you can select the most rigid and hardcore model.

Where are you going to place the electronic locker

Buying to keep indoor?
Buying the safe lockers to be fitted(Drilled) in Walls

This give you the shape idea of the locker

Shape of the locker.

Tall Cubic shapes are the older shapes which we have all seen in movies. They are hard to manage and move around. Mostly used for cash storage. And they should be in a fixed position.

The best shape is the simple cubic shape which offers flexibility. If you are not hoping to fit the electronic locker in the walls.
Comparatively easy to move. Can be used for cash storage.
Can be Used in indoor of furniture like wardrobe or any other closet.

Can be adjusted any where.

If you are going to fix the safe locker in the wall. Then shape of your choice would be good based on the type of wall.

Based on this you can select the smaller variant. Or the more robust variant if want to get that drilled into the walls.

Things to remember

Types Of Safes
Based on the information and the things we have we have devised lockers and safe of various forms and factors. We have changed the way information is used and checked. Even online the information is not safe.
So people use digital keys. But again to ensure safe use of digital key lockers are required in offices.

Any Safe can be used for many purposes but can be broadly defined in certain categories.

Traditional Safes
The one we have seen in movies. With a huge level and a huge key set. They are way too heavy and not easy to handle. And given the fact of space crunch we have today they are not feasible. their door are heavy and everything about them is tough and huge.

They can be used for all types of important and worthy things. whether ornament or cash or papers.

Hidden Safes.

These are same to the traditional ones. But they are small and can b be fixed at various positions and places.

Like in the kitchen wall. Behind the paintings. In the floor. They keep it safe by not letting anyone one know where they are located. But they are fixated and it makes it hard to operate with them on a daily basis.
Like you would not remove a painting daily and safe something or take our something daily. So the use case becomes only for extremely important document.

Prevention Safes
Of course all safe are from prevention of theft and all. But certain times we all do requires safe which keep things away from children. We call them child locks in today’s world.
In olden days small form factor safes are used to keep the weapons and or poison like you have seen in the movies.

Budget Consideration

When buying an electronic safe for home hotel or office, you can have all the freedom of getting the best and the ideal. But make sure you do not exceed the budget in any way. meaning.
“There is a rule of safety in which cost of safety should not exceed the cost of the object stored.”
Example: You are storing a gold biscuit of 50k in your safe. But the cost of your safe is 80K when you bought it. Then this is not a good value proposition. You safe purchase should not exceed 25k tops.

User Consideration

Consider what all users are going to use. Do not go for the fancy finger print biometric electronic safe lockers. They have great features. But always consider whether you required those features or not

Say you are a family of 4 and you are buying a biometric safe. There would be no use of the features.
Because you and and your partner would be using the safe. And there would be not situation where in any feature of biometric safe will be useful for you both.

But yes if you have old people with you and you need more security then you can go for biometric lockers. But then the scanning is a problem for older people. As their fingerprints are faded or cannot be recognized.

Biometric locker works well only in case of a huge family where you need to give access to multiple people.

Protection of the locker

Although made with metal and tensile strength steel. Lockers whether electronic or traditional, they are prone to wear and tear of many types. Some lockers do offer protection(not complete proofing) from natural causes.

Fire Proof
Fire is something which is considered under natural cause because it is not in control of us. So some lockers do come with fire resistance. So even if accidentally fire happens in the place where the locker is kept you can remove it in time. Or at least the valuables are spared and can be recovered.

Water Resistance
Anything made from metal is prone to water based damaged. This not talking about the damage based on floods and natural disasters.
We are talking about the humidity and the walls with water drips and other wall related problems.
The dampness in furniture or shelves may cause some wear and tear to the lockers.
So consider this if you have an area of humidity or high rainfall.

Tamper proof
Al designs do come with tamper proofing. But sometimes the design fancy you may have will take you to making bad decision.

So make sure you buy something from trusted brands.
So that way you will not have to worry about the design and tamper proofing.
When placed in walls and furniture make sure the wall or the furniture is not easily accessible from the back side.

Like outer wall should not be used for putting lockers. As someone can drill in from there. This is mostly for offices and companies. You can try to follow this at home as well if you can.

Benefits of using Electronic Safe Lockers.

Completely safety and peace of mind that you valuables are stored in a safe place. Like passports and others things.

Because the things which we do not use daily. We do not remember them.

But they are extremely important like you certificates and many such thing.
When you keep them in lockers they are always accessible.

Time savings
If you know all your important information is kept in the lockers you will save tons of time trying to going through all the information and figuring it out after 4 hours. That they were in the briefcase.

Double safety
You have electronic lock as well as key lock. In traditional locks this was not the case. If keys our levers are jammed you needed to call the person to open it.
In this case you can open te safe easily and with passccode and or keys.

Things Remain Safe.

Locker help you keep the things safe from any spill or wear and tear. Our old lockers can cause. Like perfume bottle spilled and damaged your important info. You can be at peace as it is kept in the locker which is safe somewhere.

Child Protection

You cannot always control a child. Else the childishness will be lost. So instead of worrying of children damaging or throwing away something put that into the lockers.

Discipline of Safe Lockers.

Keep the locker always locked.

You may say, that what the lockers do. But sometimes we forget to check the locker manually as it remains open sometimes by our mistake.

Double Check
Before you leave the locker check manually whether the locker is locked completely or not.

No Written Code.
Never keep codes or master codes written somewhere or in easily accessible places. Always keep password backup with someone you trust, and and that too mentally. Meaning not writing it down. Keep it in mind.

No easy Pass-code
Easy passwords like date of birth, last or first 4 digits of cell phone or landline number. Car number or vehicle numbers are all easy pass-codes.
Try to find something which is more valuable. Like License middle 4 digits of registration numbers. Someone else license plate number.
Multiplication of number and their values.

Frequently Asked Question

When buying the electronic safe lockers for home

Get a considerable size locker. Not too big nor too small.
In home we store important papers jeweler and much more. So a very small locker will not fit the needs and a very huge one is not possible to be fitted ion a wardrobe or almera.

If you have a dedicated place for the electronic safe locker then you can buy the size based on the space.

Biometric(fingerprint) or Digital code based

If you are a family of many and want to give access to multiple people. Then bio-metric Electronic Locker is the best electronic safe for you.
Because when you change the pass-code you will have to update everyone. In Bio-metric that is not the case.

When buying the electronic safe lockers for office/Homeoffice

Office requirements are mostly documents related or sensitive information related. So can go for the smallest size possible if that is the only requirement.

But if you are buying an electronic safe locker for keeping cash in office, then a more robust one is suggested. Which is good in size and security.

Biometric(fingerprint) or Digital code based when selecting for office

Always select a bio-metric version for office. Because there will be blame games with the same pass-code shared between people.

When buying the electronic safe lockers for drawers/small stuff

All the options here are the budget options. Also the only brand I would suggest is Godrej and Amazon for these type usage.

These are the most simplest form but very useful electronic safe lockers. These can be sued for multiple tasks. Like child care, keeping keys wallets and many more you can think of. Even TV remote or children cell phone can be locked off in them, for certain time periods.

Remember they are not fixed. They are handy safe lockers. they do have anti pickup theft and wire-lock systems.

These mostly come with keys and pass-code locks only.

When buying the electronic safe lockers for hotels

When buying a safe locker for guests
Always buy electronic safe lockers which have the hotel mode in them. It makes the management of the safe easy.
It is suggested that safe bucklers which are fixed are great for hotel use. As sometimes people steal the small factor safe lockers. And these are not easy to be replaced.

When Buying safe electronic lockers for hotel staff

Buying a electronic safe locker for personal
There no much distinction and comfort when buying locker for personal use. The drawer lockers or home lockers can be used. which are currently only offered by Godrej

Best brands in electronic lockers.

There are only 2 recognizable brands in online and offline works of electronic safe lockers.
One is the Godrej since last 100 years. And another is the millennium brand AmazonBasics. Both have reputation and quality marks.
Other brands include iozone and stoik.
I personally would not trust a brand with my importance who are yet establishing their presence and word of mouth as well.
If you do want to buy or check them

which is the best electronic safe

Safe are something of real concern so you should not get the most cheap and the bad company or non reputed one. Get the one which is the most trusted brand. Thus Godrej and amazon basics are the real brands which we can trust online.
Based on your requirement you should choose the budget and other things.

where to buy a electronic safe

Electronic safe can be bought online or offline. But due to to covid and sanitation problems we are not bale to get everything. Thus buying an electronic safe for home online is an excellent choice. Also if any problem is found you can always replace the item. And Best brands in best home electronic safes are available online in India which is amazon and Godrej

what is electronic safe

Electronic safe the new world safe which has traditional locking system but it handles first by an electronic keypad or bio-metric scanner. It has a battery inside it,. It can also be opened by a backup key.

what happens when electronic safe battery died

No need to worry. Make sure you have the manual or download the manual from the company website. As per the brand manual you can get the steps to replace the battery. And in the mean while if you want to open the safe, there is an extra key point given.

what is a digital electronic safe

It is a safe with electronic keypad or bio-metric scan.

Are electronic safe locks reliable

Certainly they are reliable. They have all the traditional qualities and also provide safety with a digital lock. Which cannot be opened by anyone. They are also safe because they have the extra keys which can come in handy in times of digital lock problems like battery died.

How do electronic safe locks work

They work on simple password based function. Similar to your mobile, you have a 4 digit code. Similarly they have a 4 digit code. Which can be set and removed as you wish. All the instructional to do so are in the manuals.
They also do have the options to open the safe with key but they are hidden.

The action of Lever is controlled digitally instead of mechanically. The password only triggers the action to open. rest all takes place mechanically.

You get a new electronic safe for home.
You set the password
Now that is the only password to open the safe.
If you forget the password, you can open with the key provided. Or check your manual.
Once opened you can again set the new password.

how to reset electronic safe code

Every electronic safe for home and office comes with a simple reset function. When you open the safe you can always reset the code while closing.
This the basic reset procedure for reset for almost all safes.
Check the set and reset instructions in your manual.
example: Your code is 1234.
You open the safe
Now close the safe and put the code 4567 and press the set button
Now you have the new code as the password.

Electronic safe for home

The most trusted and best suggested brands to buy home electronic safes are amazon and godrej online.
Make sure you read what to look for when buying an electronic safe for home India.

electronic safe for hotel

For hotels buying an electronic safe is a necessary thing. Depending on whether you need the electronic safe for your hotel or hotel reception desk or in the guests room.
Based on them you can choose the size. Also make sure you have the hotel mode or master password mode in your electronic safe for hotel. Which lets you set the code every time when you close and open. Or can reset the code easily. Because you will have guests wanting their own passwords.

Electronic safe with key

All electronic safe for home and hotel or even drawers come with a back up of some kind. So always a backup key is provided.

Electronic safe with key backup

All the models which come and mentioned here are with backup keys only.

electronic safe for home

Best electronic safe for home are with bio-metric. Because you do not have to remember the code. Because they are so many codes in our life which we use. Works like one on the smart phone and office punching systems. Some electronic safe for home and office come with 30 different fingerprint save option.

For home all types of electronic safes are available in various sizes. Like for drawer safes. Keys safe. Then jewellery safe or can be used for as document safe.

electronic safe vs combination

Both work on the same logic of combination numbers. But the difference is the combination is handled electronically in the electronic safe lockers and Mechanically in the combination locker.
Locking mechanism is the same in both of them like the rods block the door from opening. Only the trigger is based on the technology in safe lockers.

The best part is the electronic safe lockers, have the ability to lockout if more than certain attempts of unlocking are made. In the combination lock that is not possible.

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