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5 Best V Guard Electric Kettles (2 Quality Premium)

Discussion to present you the 5 Best Vguard Electric Kettles available online.

These are based again on the user feedback and reviews. Analyzed and thoughtfully selected.

Most of the selected are the Best kettles available online from the Vguard brand

This one contains best electric kettles of all kinds like for household bachelors as always.

The only is, if you are not able to to decide between which one you should buy in the best Vguard electric kettles then this selection of electric kettle will help you for sure.

V guard best electric kettles are the ones which fall in the budget and premium quality.

For everyday and all use in short. But depending on the choice they offer we try to suggest the best for each indentity.

5 Best V Guard Electric Kettles

# Best Electric Kettle in temperature control from V Guard

Complete steel
Great design
Temperature Control
Reasonable price

The only temperature control electric kettle personally seen by me.

  • Rust-Free Stainless Steel interiors
  • 1.7 Litres capacity 250ml x6
  • High-powered 2000 W heating base
  • 5 Digital Temperature Controls with multi-colour LED illumination
  • Auto Shut-off with On/Off button
  • Concealed Heating Element
  • One Touch Lid Button, Easy Pour Spout and Punched Hole Filter for functional ease
  • Cordless serving and 360° rotating base
4+ Stars38 ratings6 answered questions

Makes to the list, because of the brushed steel and designer body.

Adding to that the the best premium feature among all electric kettles is the feature of temperature control option.

Highly useful, How?
You will not have to stand beside the kettle if you want lukewarm or warm water . You can set the temperature similarly to the oven.

I loved the design. Offers all at the price point.
No one has offered at all. The temperature control with such beautiful looks

All the other features it offers are sufficient for the family and everyone around.

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V-Guard VKS18 1.8-litres Stainless Steel Kettle (Silver & Black)

Best Budget Electric Kettle with low price Premium Quality

High power
value for money
Best in price class
Lid not stainless steel
  • Rust Free Stainless Steel
  • High-powered 1600 W heating base
  • Auto Shut-off with On/Off button
  • LED Indicator to prevent overheating
  • Dry boiling Protection
  • Concealed Heating Coil
  • Cool Touch Handle
  • Hassle-free operation with cordless serving and 360° rotating base
4+ Stars128 ratings29 answered questions

This makes to the list because of the budget premium offering in electric Kettles.

Most of the kettles which are plastic or bad plastic come in similar price range. But when you are able to get a 70% stainless steel electric kettle then go for it.

This electric kettles from v guard offers a great value for money.
Comes with comparatively high power compared to all other brands plus Cord winder available

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Suggested For:

All time users who want something within the budget but with a better quality.

This is the best deal for all of the family members or bachelors or for the elderly.

Reason being, it is high on power and comes with all the features of an electric kettle excluding the temperature control. And the price is far little than others.

Best V-Guard VKS17 Prime Steel Electric Kettle (Copper Black)

The only Beautiful Premium Selection in Vguard Electric Kettles

elegant Affordability
No Copper internally
(Copper Water is good for health)
  • Copper Coating Outside
  • Double Layer Cool Touch Body
  • 1900 Watts Powerful Heating
  • On/Off Button and Power Indicator
  • 100% Stainless Steel Interiors
5 Star1 review5 answered questions

As the name suggest it is really a prime product in best v guard electric kettles.

This is the only kettle which come with a copper body from outside. For better scaffold and resistance to heat.

Personally I have added this for exclusive elegance and beauty.

Of course it does all the job effortlessly.
High on capacity and power. Absolute in doing all the related tasks.

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Suggested For:

Kitchen Kings and elegance lovers.

Will also do the job for everyone. But this is one thing in design and elegance to kitchen, after Havells best elegant electric kettles you can check out.

If you do not have need for elegance then you can go for the first one or the second one. This is personally I feel for the designer home and beautiful kitchens wherein a small elements matters.

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V-Guard VKM12 Stainless Steel Multi-Purpose Cooker/Kettle (Candy Red)

Best And only Multipurpose available from Vguard in electric Kettles

Easy to use
highly beneficial
One color
Could have been cheaper
  • Rust free stainless steel interiors
  • Ideal for boiling water, pasta, noodles, potatoes and eggs
  • Temperature Control Knob
  • Auto Shut-off with On/Off button
  • Concealed Heating Element
  • Removable lid over wide mouth for easy pouring and cleaning
  • Hassle-free operation
Buy the Vguard Multipurpose Kettle from Amazon Now

If you are looking for something multipurpose and of regular use in the kitchen then this is a good go.

This multipurpose electric kettle is capable of all food boiling tasks such as pasta, noodles and potatoes.

Food which leave behind residue like rice soups should be avoided. Personally I would not do it. It makes a mess of the container inside. (Preparing inside the conatainer)

Although it can be washed off but is not good at all the task of washing.

The difference between other electric kettle and this one is, this comes with a wider mouth.

To make easy use of spoon and serving.
Else the task of boiling is the same.

Although it sounds similar, doing boiled stuff in the water boiling kettle(Regular kettles) is really hard. All mess is created in normal kettle.
I have done it as a bachelor.

And the interior of regular kettle is not good as well to make these tasks easy. Thus this multipurpose kettle.

4+ Stars83 ratings27 answered questions

Suggested For:

Bachelors for sure.
And other office moms. Because their kids can easily boil the regular stuff with least hazard to them.

And make things ready if mom gets late in office or in any other hungry situation.

V-Guard VKG17 1.7-litres 2000 Watts Glass Kettle (Black)

Best Electric Glass Electric Kettle for looks and Premium Quality on Budget

Borosilicate Glass
High capacity
Great Aesthetics
Glass not under warranty
  • Food-grade Borosilicate glass
  • High-powered 2000 W heating base
  • British Strix Technology (Intelligent Thermostat)
  • Auto Shut-off with On/Off button
  • Concealed Heating Element
  • Easy Pour Spout and Detachable Filter for functional ease
  • Cordless serving and 360° rotating base

This makes to the list because of the beautiful design and all needed features. Nothing much to complain about.
But the thing is some users do complain of glass cracking. Now we all know the glass is meant to be taken care of whether its original or borosilicate.

One of our staff uses this and is with all satisfaction. Thus we have added this without any biasedness

4.3 Stars33 ratings10 answered questions

Suggested For:

For people in love for the best quality and value against all odds.
Thematic needs, personal beauty needs this would be a go to kettle in budget best Vguard Electric Kettles.
Because it comes at premium quality and price compared to any other brands.

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Reading references

Questions answeres terms 5 Best V Guard Electric Kettles

Strix Controller: It is a British technology ion which a thermostat (like a thermometer) is used to keep track of temperature and when it rises then auto shut off is done.

Swivel base : Means the electric kettle can be kept on the base in any way. Not like a bulb which needs to be positioned properly to put it into an holder.

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All the special points have been mentioned in the buying of best electric kettles of v guard.

But still you do not trust the brand then there are plenty of other choice. And our best selection of kettles from Bajaj can be helpful.

But if you cannot decide on which one to buy then the First one is the premium best selection for all electric kettles.
If you want something in middle ground then the Budget Vguard Electric Kettle is good.

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